In March 2009, Barack Obama and congressional Democrats began their latest attempt to socialize our health care system.4 They did so to the neglect of all else, including jobs and the economy.

The Constitution was written by our Founding Fathers with the purpose of limiting government's power. They had just thrown off the yoke of the British crown and did not want to create another government that could exert excessive control over the people. In their wisdom, the Founders created a system of checks and balances that makes America unique by dispersing power. Throughout America's history, politicians of both parties have recognized the genius of this system and respected its boundaries.

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When it comes to abortion, Barack Obama and the Democrats are extremists.  Here is a brief history of Obama's record on abortion. Note the contrast between Obama's positions and public opinion. It's clear who the real extremist is. [READ MORE]

Barack Obama is out-of-touch with mainstream American values.  His extremism is laid bare by public opinion polls demonstrating how he consistently sides with a radical minority against the commonsense views held by most Americans.


Since Obama has been in the White House, unemployment is up, gas prices are up, and government spending has SKYROCKETED!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016 -- Dirty Harry Strikes Again, Don't Let Your Friends Fall For It, Trump's Tweets vs. Hillary's Agenda

Dirty Harry Strikes Again

He's at it again. Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Democrat Leader, is trying to manipulate the election by smearing the Republican nominee.

Here's the latest: Yesterday, Reid sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey demanding an investigation into Russian interference in the political...

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Primary Results: The Republicans

With the field cleared, Donald Trump scored big wins in yesterday's Nebraska and West Virginia primaries. Trump received 61% of the vote in Nebraska and 77% in West Virginia.

Voter turnout continues to be a major story this year. With Trump's rivals out of the race, one might expect participation to fall. But that didn't happen.

Turnout increased modestly in Nebraska -- up nearly 7% compared to 2012. But it exploded in West Virginia -- up by a whopping 81% compared to four years ago. In fact, Trump received almost twice as many votes as Mitt Romney did in 2012.

Trump continues to do well among faith-based voters, which may be initially surprising given his past personal life and lack of any obvious faith commitment. I believe the reason many faith-based voters are supporting Trump is that they have been crushed by Obama's economy.

Wall Street may be booming and Washington, D.C., and its surrounding suburbs may be growing economically, thanks to big government getting even bigger.

But for many folks who live near Main Street, it is pretty despairing to drive past the abandoned steel mill every day, where your father and grandfather once worked, on your way to a job that hasn't given you a raise in years.

Adding salt to the wound is the constant attack on America and our culture. Many working and middle class Americans love this country. They are proud to be called patriots. They raised their children to believe that serving in the military is honorable.

Meanwhile, a lot of people with multiple graduate degrees, those running government agencies, and corporate and Hollywood elites often appear to mock the patriotism of average Americans. They dismiss concerns about illegal immigration and outsourcing as nativism and racism.

I understand why the Democrats don't get it. But it is tragic that the GOP leadership has seemed so blind in recent years. Donald Trump isn't the problem. He is a symptom of a party that lost touch with its base.

Primary Results: The Democrats

The big contest for Democrats last night was West Virginia. (The Nebraska primary is non-binding.) Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continues to give former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fits. She just cannot put this race away.

Last night, Sanders beat Clinton by 15 points among West Virginia Democrats. That's a stunning reversal from 2008 when Clinton beat Barack Obama by 41 points. In 2008, Clinton won nearly 241,000 votes. Last night, she won only 86,000.

Sanders concedes that his path to the Democrat nomination is difficult. But he's hoping that a few more upset victories will cause Democrat superdelegates to reconsider their support for Hillary Clinton, perhaps setting the stage for a convention fight. That scenario seems unlikely, but this has been a very "unlikely" year.

Tomorrow's Meeting

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is set to meet tomorrow with Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP congressional leaders in Washington, D.C., in an effort to unify the party. Yesterday, both sides were saying the right things.

Ryan, who has so far withheld his endorsement of Trump, told the Wall Street Journal's Gerald Seib, "What I want to see is all conservatives rally together to win this election and defeat Hillary Clinton and make sure we put conservatives on the Supreme Court, make sure we keep Congress."

Certainly no conservative can disagree with anything there.

For his part, Donald Trump told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, "I have a lot of respect for Paul and I think we are going to have a very good meeting." Trump added that he wanted Ryan to remain in his role as chairman of the Republican Party's national convention this summer.

According to various reports, former candidate Dr. Ben Carson, who has endorsed Trump, is acting as a mediator between the speaker and the Trump campaign. Dr. Carson said he learned that the two men evidently do not know each other very well.

Ryan added that the Republican Party is "a big tent" with "plenty of room for policy disputes." Sources close to the speaker indicate that tomorrow's meeting will likely focus not on disagreements, but on unifying principles -- smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation, a stronger military.

And Trump is signaling that he intends to make good on one of the GOP's unifying principles. Asked by Bill O'Reilly about the sanctity of life, Trump said, "I will appoint judges [who] will be pro-life, yes."

Trump said that he would protect the sanctity of life, adding, "the biggest way you can protect it is through the Supreme Court and putting people on the court."

Certainly no conservative could disagree with that.

Rubio Comes Around

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is doing his part to help unify the party. During an interview with CNN last night, Rubio said that he would honor his pledge to support the party's nominee. "I signed a pledge, put my name on it, and said I would support the Republican nominee and that's what I intend to do."

This morning, Rubio told NBC that Trump "has earned the right to make his case to the American people. He earned it at the ballot box, and I'll respect that." Asked about his disagreements with Trump, Rubio replied, "I'm even more scared about [Clinton] being in control of the U.S. government."

Facebook Is Censoring Your News Feed

Facebook has experienced a number of scandals in recent years and now there's a new one. It turns out the site's list of trending news topics may not be as unbiased as previously assumed.

According to former Facebook "news curators," the Internet giant is censoring its news, deliberately suppressing stories from conservative news sites and supplanting them with left-wing sources like the New York Times.

Not surprisingly, we are also learning that Hillary Clinton has received vastly more donations from Facebook employees than any other candidate this year.

Senator John Thune (R-SD), chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, is demanding answers from Facebook executives. As one journalism expert suggested, "If they just called it 'editor's picks,' there'd be no problem." But Facebook led users to believe that unbiased algorithms were behind the trending list, not partisan ideologues.

This is important because while many Americans read news on Facebook, it is the primary source of news for Millennials. Just one more reason why it is so important for parents and grandparents to talk their children and grandchildren about politics and current events.

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